United HR Solutions Celebrates 30th Anniversary At AMA, Ahmedabad

Completing thirty glorious years in the field of HR Consultancy and Recruitment is a prideful moment indeed. United HR Solutions Pvt Ltd had this privilege recently. The company has traveled a long journey in the past three decades. Under the competent leadership of Dr. O.P. Pahuja, founder of UHR; the company has a bright and impressive track record. Today, it serves 750+ clients spread across the world by providing the best and profound consultancy service.

30 years-uhr

UHR organized an event recently to commemorate the 30th anniversary which was held in Ahmedabad Management Association, a prominent educational institute in Ahmedabad. It was a treat for all the delegates and representatives.

COO Underlined The Differentiating Aspects of UHR

COO of United HR Solutions, Mrs. Nisha Kapoor who conceptualized and hosted the whole program, started the ball rolling by delivering the inauguration speech. She introduced the pillars of the organization to the delegates and guest speakers. Those who are responsible for the phenomenal success of UHR got the recognition.

It was very much interesting to know that the journey started with only one employee onboard. The first assignment was completed by the team beyond the expectations and the client was more than happy. Now, the tiny sapling has transformed into a huge tree. With a global footprint, it is a big company today. It is impossible to achieve such a superb success without the support of team members, clients and business associates.

Happines at work


COO of United HR Solutions expressed the feeling of gratitude towards everyone, clients, business partners and associates who made it possible. According to her, the success of an organization is the cumulative effect of everyone in the team; from the front desk executive to the CEO. When everyone contributes to the organization wholeheartedly, it establishes new benchmarks of productivity and progress.

After this, guest speakers were invited to share their valuable thoughts, impressive ideas, and core business knowledge. For the employees of UHR, delegates, guests, and media, it was an informative, useful and engaging experience.

The graceful presence of Mr Parag Desai (Director, Wagh Bakri Group), and Mr Mahendra Patel (Owner, 70 Deg East Restaurant) marked the occasion. The esteemed guests shared their views about entrepreneurship and importance of recruitment in the profitability of the organization.

Happiness@Work; The Central Idea

The whole program was focused on the fundamental aspect responsible for productivity and performance. Happiness at work was discussed by renowned guest speakers. Different facets were revealed during the sessions. However, all of them emphasized that only happy employees can give their head and heart to the organization. The role of HR Department was also discussed during the sessions. In the modern context, it is important that HR Department is not limited to Human Resources, but it has become pivotal in bringing happiness to the employees.

According to Dr D M Pestonjee (Retired Professor of IIM Ahmedabad, 3H are incredibly important for employee happiness, i.e. Head, Hand, and Heart. The concept was further improvised by Mrs Meena Kapoor by adding another H; Human touch. All these efforts lead to the 5th H that is called Happiness. It is needless to say that the discussions and lectures added several new dimensions to the thinking process of budding HR managers, professionals and others who attended the program.

Celebration At uhr

Impact Of ‘Happiness@Work’ Program On The Success

In an important session, Dr Yogesh Pahuja, Founder of Happiness Studio talked about the research program conducted on the subject of ‘Happiness at the Workplace’. It is one of its kinds in the niche of HR Research.

Dr Yogesh is an authority in the field of HR research. He is not only an HR Expert but a renowned author of the book “Are you happy@work?”

In the informative session, he explained the salient features of the research program. The program focuses on 164 parameters that are responsible for the core happiness of the employee. These parameters are classified into three major areas; Individual, Organizational, and family or social. Since all of these three put an equal effect on the happiness in toto, it is furthermore important that the HR managers start thinking beyond their scope.

Happiness Studio helps HR managers and senior management teams of the client in establishing a thorough understanding of all these aspects. It is committed to building happy teams that perform brilliantly and take the organization to new levels of success.

‘Happiness@work’ isn’t just a theoretical concept, but it is a practical and useful concept which has been successfully implemented in several organizations so far. One of such clients is Mr Sujay Ojha, who explained his exciting journey so far. He discussed the improvements happened in the performance by an interactive presentation. It was pretty exciting to know about the phenomenal difference in the productivity and employee happiness when Neem India implemented the concepts of ‘Happiness @ work’.