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Yoga Day Special: Understanding Our Worries

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This Yoga Day, let us expand our understanding of ourselves, including what worries us, and how we can manage those worries.

You Need to Take Break even from the Work you Love

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Have you ever had a very frustrating day where whatever you tried just never gave results? Well, Sunny was having one such day. He looked tired and frustrated as he was working on a coding project. Raj noticed it, and asked if everything was alright. ‘Oh no. I have been stuck on this since hours. … Continue reading

The Eternal Wisdom of Focusing on the Journey

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Having a goal helps, but contrary to contemporary understanding, focusing simply and singularly on the goal is likely to slow down its achievement.

Are you an Intrapreneur?

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Dear employee, do you dream big, and always seem to find new ideas to drive innovation? Do you find a way to expand your role in a way that not only helps you with job crafting but also helps the company you are working in? Do you always find a way to rethink a seemingly … Continue reading

Channelising the Care: Realistic Ways to Manage Work and Home

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In one of our earlier articles, we talked about working professionals, along with the struggles faced by the two genders, and how it’s necessary that we work with each other, instead of creating battles and rivalries. Having said that, many working professionals still struggle with missing out on important events from their children’s lives. They … Continue reading

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