Sukkot Week and the Stories of Gratitude: The Vision Of 2020

Those of you who have read our previous article know it is the Sukkot week! Those of you who just joined us, let us tell you quickly what Sukkot is all about. Sukkot is a weeklong Jewish festival, celebrated with a purpose to be grateful about our blessings, in all forms. And all through the Sukkot week, we will bring you some stories and anecdotes of gratitude.

One of our readers shares her story:

Quite a few of us must have made New year Resolutions. After all, it was 2020, the year which was to give us 20-20 vision! The landmark year, dawning onto our lives.

Little did we know that the only resolution, the only goal of 2020 would be: Staying Alive. (Can you all hear the song in the background?)

Nine months have passed since. Dear readers would have realised by now how important it is to stay fit and alive. Nothing more, nothing less.

To take a step further, some of us might also have realised how important it is to thank God, for keeping us and our loved ones in good health.

This realisation did not come to me easily and effortlessly. Like most of the people who would be reading this, 2020 has given me a fair share of problems, the latest being a health issue my dear family member faced recently.

My mother-in-law recently had a hip replacement surgery. I have been tending to her since the past two weeks. It has been tiring, and it is difficult to see a loved one bed-ridden like this.

 One night, while turning sides, I had an epiphany of sorts. In my sleeplessness, I realised how fortunate I am to have working limbs; the ability to do this simple act is in itself a blessing!

How fortunate I am to not be bed-ridden. And how fortunate I am to be able to be there for my mother-in-law in these tough times, to be able to look after her. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been otherwise!

Life is full of troubles. And many times, we are the ones who are caught in a storm of difficulties. Some readers might point how it is much easier to be grateful when you are in a good place, when you have all the comforts and conveniences.

What about those who are themselves unwell, unfit or in a difficult position? How are they to remain grateful, and what for?

The point is to have an attitude of gratitude. The point is to be grateful about even the tiniest of things, the seemingly inconsequential things. 

When life seems to be full of troubles, with clouds of storm looming over, be grateful for the lessons you might learn. Be grateful how strong you will emerge.

When life seems to be going smoothly, be grateful for the bliss and the comfort.

An attitude of gratitude is all about being grateful, whether we are in a good situation or an unpleasant one.

The pandemic might have wrecked our plans; it might have disturbed our routine, and it might have amplified our problems. That is all the more reason to count your blessings.

It is all about appreciating even the faint silver linings of the cloud. Or even appreciating the cloud because it is shielding us from the harshness of the sun perhaps!