Life at UHR: Same Old, Same Old? Not at all!

Life@UHR jpeg

It is important to acknowledge that life could get monotonous.

And monotony could lead to various phenomena like falling motivation levels, lack of productivity and a general lack of willingness to learn new things.

W asked our employees at UHR their take on working here and they have a different story to tell.

As one employee has said, it is the “best consultancy to work with”. Our employees have admitted to honing up many of their supposedly ‘other’ skills as well, in addition to their job descriptions.

“I have improved my multitasking skills, and also I have learned to deal with different type of people” says one employee.

The employee further says, “I have gained self-confidence, and learned to work under pressure.”

“There is always a lot to learn not only through failures, mistakes but also through successful placements” says another employee.

One employee further says, “I have gained knowledge of many different industries and profiles.”

The above point could actually be considered a perk of working in the recruitment industry!

To add more to the list of perks, one employee says, “there are new things to learn every day.”

As obvious as sounds, the best way to break monotony is variety. As one employee very aptly puts about life at United HR, ” The work is same but each time there is a different story. There is variety in terms of positions the clients are looking for, the clients themselves. Each client has a different set of priorities.”

The work thus, is never the ‘same’.

“It’s really a fusion of confusion, conflict, confidence, uncertainty. At the end of the day, it is about enjoying all circumstances.” A healthy amount of tension, anxiety, stress is necessary to excel and learn better methods of coping with work pressure.

“We all work under the same roof but everyone has a different style of working, and everyone is different from each other.” Variety and an even division of tasks for everyone is something commonly found at United HR.

This variety not only in the distribution of tasks but of the very nature of the work ensures that there is never a dull moment.

Life at United HR, and the variety it provides is the opposite of the repetitive, the monotonous and the dead-end. It is the perfect antidote to monotony.