Mother’s Day: A Hindsight

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What does little Birdie say

In its nest at Peak of Day.

Let me fly says little birdie,

Mother let me fly away…

On a lonely Mother’s Day, I woke up with this poem ringing in my mind. So much so , that I ordered Siri to play it for me , though I remembered the lyrics clearly. So many times I had sung this with my little ones, without ever realising , that how hard will the words hit me one day.

The little birdies have flown away and I am in my empty nest.


But , hey , hold on, had I not flown away , leaving my Mom’s nest empty?Don’t we all do? We fly away, and eventually , so do our daughters, our little ones. In humans,(not sure about the birds though) sometimes the “Home coming” does happen , but it is short-lived. The mind knows that it is so, and thus easier to go by the FLOW.


The reply that the Mother gave to the little Birdie:-

Birdie rest a little longer,

Till your wings are stronger,

So the Birdie rests a little longer ,

And then it Flies Away…


How apt is the reply — A mother would also want her little ones to soar the SKY, as do they. However she knows when it is good for them. She wants them to be strong and confident enough to Fly. This confidence comes out in the Young ones when they Face the world – testing their wings. At this time they may or may not know that someone is watching them from below, happy on the upbringing.

Still, a mother is so childlike when it comes to her children, reluctant to part from her proud possessions, hesitant to even have these shared.

The little ones, unfortunately understand this only when they become mothers. Life comes back, a full circle. “It’s payback time, friends”, as my sister jokingly said.

The mothers need to show some maturity , when the Flying Time comes, but it is easier said than done. The lure of the Sky is so High –that it overrules the fear of detachment.

I keep saying to myself that I need to learn, more of- “ Attachment with Detachment”—- But , Can I ? Can Mothers take a Chill Pill ?