Recruitment Story: The Sweet Rewards of Professional Excellencies

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A gesture that has a personal touch, for a professional feat goes a long way in boosting levels of motivation, confidence, and work-satisfaction in the employee. Acknowledging and being grateful for any such gesture, and articulating it to the person who gave the “reward” strengthens the professional bond.

How would you like receiving a huge cake on your wedding anniversary from a prestigious client?
Pretty overwhelming, joyful, valued, surprised?

This is probably one of the best feedback someone might receive for their professionalism.

It is time for another recruitment story giving lessons, both personal and professional.

This team leader got a call from a lady in Singapore, who had found out about United HR through a reference.
The lady from Singapore eventually became a regular client.
And the team leader helped her get a lot of candidates for several management and directorial positions. The lady from Singapore phoned the team leader regularly to express her happiness whenever someone got recruited. The team leader too, always answered the calls warmly, and made sure the quality of work was maintained.
Now one day, the team leader received another such call from this lady.
It happened to be the team leader’s thirtieth wedding anniversary. As the client lady from Singapore expressed her happiness about the latest recruitment, the team leader thanked her for giving such a happy news on a day like that. More pleasant words were exchanged and the call was over.
The team leader got another phone call from a different person asking for her home address, and assuming it was for a professional reason, gave it.

Fast forward to when she was at home. The doorbell rang, and lo and behold, there was a cake delivered to her from the client lady in Singapore, for her “ wedding anniversary”! That person asking for the team leader’s address was calling from Hyderabad (he was a successfully placed candidate), and was directed by the lady from Singapore to do so. He had selected a huge cake with wonderful icing.

This client lady had also emailed praising the landmark number of thirty years.

The team leader had received felicitations from distant places! Both, the client and the candidate had gone an extra mile.

One talks about the sweet returns of a great job. But rarely one thinks of receiving such a literal sweet return!

 Efficiency, and consistency are two factors that contributed to establishing a sense of reliability.

This reliability goes a long way in retaining clients and maintaining client-relations.

It is hard to imagine something similar happening if the team leader wasn’t consistently delivering results. She clearly didn’t stop making efforts after just one successful assignment. What’s more, there was always cordial, warm communication taking place. This goes a long way in making sure the client feels valued.

The personal touch in a gesture is truly a marker of the client-satisfaction.
And sure enough, in this case ,professional excellence leads to a figurative cake and the sweet taste of job satisfaction, which are way beyond the monetary rewards.

Kudos to Mrs. Ansuya Satish, who is the team leader in the story and we thank her for sharing pearls of wisdom, and take things to learn from her.
She has been one of the Great Pillars, on whom the Glorious History of United HR rests.

Mrs. Ansuya Satish
Mrs. Ansuya Satish

Should Startups Hire Recruitment Firm?

People often have strange ideas about startups. They feel that it is something out-of-the-world where there is no room for the conventional thinking process. Yes, the startups are certainly different than others, but they are also required to follow some of the conventional concepts while defining the operational framework.

Imagine a situation where you are the entrepreneur. You want to launch a startup venture which is based on some offbeat concept.  In spite of it, you must follow some of the conventional concepts such as keeping the HR function in the organization.  Team HR in your company will manage everything about the human resources. Apart from it, the team will ensure process and compliance.

What if you don’t have HR in the organization?


When people tend to avoid HR just to do something different without any rationale, the result is not pleasing either.  Apart from the challenges of managing the workforce, there will be a plethora of problems.

  • The rapid growth of workforce becomes a challenge since there are no processes and procedures. Since the HR function is non-existent, you don’t have anybody to take ownership of it.
  • Studies say that companies that ignore the HR function (or fail to take it seriously) are very likely to falter within five years of their life. If you look at the reasons behind their failure, then ignoring HR is amongst the top three.

However, you may take the decision of not having an in-house HR function initially. It may be a stop gap arrangement till you establish in the market.  In such a situation, you should seek help from a recruitment firm.

How does a recruitment firm add value?

You are relieved from the hassles of recruitment process

If you decide to keep the HR function lean and thin, then it is a big challenge to manage the recruitment process effectively. You need to read hundreds of the application forms and arrange them in the order of experience. Whether you follow the conventional method of paper-based scrutiny or read the soft version on the computer screen, the task is equally cumbersome.

When the recruitment firm does it for you, the task becomes manageable and simple.  Since you get only selected profiles matching to the requirement specifications given by you, the time and efforts put by the HR team are saved.

The benefit of connections

Whether you are a startup company or an established business house, you need to hire people for top levels. It is impossible to hire them without a strong network of connections because profiles of senior people do not get float openly. You need to approach them through some link.

When you hire a recruitment firm, you can connect to the people who are looking for better career prospects. Because of the intricate networking, recruitment firms are in a better position than the in-house HR team to find out profiles of senior people.

Interview process becomes handy

In spite of so many advancements in the recruitment process, the importance of personal interaction is unbeaten. The success rate of the interview process is measured by the quality of candidates hired. Remember, professional recruitment firms know the tricks of identifying superior candidates.

However, it is very much important to brief the recruitment agency about the organizational fit and the organizational culture. Even a good agency delivers a mediocre job if the requirement is not explained well. You should search people who gel with the vision, mission, and ethos of your company.

You are a startup company and not a brand that will attract great talent

Every big organization has a brand value that attracts the best people in the market. When you are a startup company, you don’t have a brand identity. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the candidate, and you will realize it. When a recruitment firm talks to people on your behalf, it places the job profile in a systematic and impressive manner. Thus, you have brighter chances of hiring good quality talent.

Nowadays, everyone explores the online world for assessing the quality and reliability of the employer. When candidates approach the recruitment firm through social media or read about the company profile and job details; they get better convinced. It is impossible when you do it in-house.

Experts say that the benefits achieved by hiring expert recruitment company compensate the expenses incurred in hiring them. Hence, it is a profitable business proposition.

Tap the prospective talents only

When the top and bottom lines are stretched because of cost pressures, you should spend every penny wisely. Studies say that in the conventional method of recruitment, a large percentage of resources gets wasted in tapping the applicants (who may not be interested in joining or not suitable to your needs) and not the prospective talents.  Thus, you spend a sizeable time in scrutinizing, matching and assessing the candidates. The efforts go waste.

When you assign the task to a recruitment agency, it uses a profound process that filters out unwanted or unmatched candidates. You talk to a prospective employee who is looking for a change.  A pre-selection criterion saves great efforts.

Last, but not the least; you save cost as well!

Undoubtedly, hiring a recruitment firm is cost-effective than managing the task of recruitment in-house. Having said it, you need a profound team of HR officials to monitor it.  Also, you are supposed to allocate considerable budget initially, it pays off in the long run, though.

Since all of the tasks related to recruitment are managed by an expert, your in-house team gets a lot of productive time for other important stuff. The mundane task of hiring people can be managed by the recruitment firm effectively. It possesses a team of HR experts who can scrutinize and shortlist candidates effectively.


You have a plethora of critical things to do when you launch a startup organization. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy in the recruitment process. Hire a service provider who takes care of everything well.

Recruitment And Selection Strategies For The Modern Workforce

To become an industry leader, you should be the first person to use innovative strategies. When your motive is to attract the best talent available in the market, the selection and recruitment methods should also be the latest. Progressive and prospering companies always hire the brightest people.

You always wondered about the proficient and brilliant workforce getting attracted to a handful of big organizations. Do they follow some special methods? Well, the answer could be a ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Their HR team spends a great time in scrutinizing at the right resources and follows some unique methods while recruiting them.

Are you searching for the best ways to find the best people? Let us get you on the right track?


Face the change

First of all, you need to face the reality that the selection and recruitment approach are undergoing a transformation and that to with an incredible pace. The speed is further aggravated by the fast pace of technical advancements. Also, companies are changing the strategic outlook pretty fast. No wonder, you have to be always on the toes to tune the selection and recruitment method. Everyone who is involved in the process of picking the right workforce should understand what the need of the hour is. The efforts should be unidirectional to achieve fabulous results.

Networking of talent has been a fruitful idea

In the modern era of Information Technology, you should not leave a single chance of exploring its benefit to the organization. When you strive hard to pick the efficient talent, always use the ‘talent network’ concept. If you look at the strategies being followed by the leading companies who can grab the best people, then the talent network is always there on the list. It is quite handy and useful in communicating career opportunities and promoting the brand. The contents are dynamic, and they can be tailored to the needs of each candidate. It gives immense flexibility and ease of use.

ATS is the buzzword today

As mentioned earlier, there is no escape to the use of technology in the modern times. It becomes an integral part of the selection process. Application Tracking System or ATS is the fastest emerging trend today. The software modules manage end-to-end process of recruitment, monitor the advertizing campaigns and create an ultimate candidate experience. ATS is the one-point contact for posting job openings. It also manages the task of tracking applications, ranking the resume or filling in job application forms. There are further advanced systems available nowadays that perform the tasks of pre-screening questions and responses as well. To manage vernacular candidates, some software offers multilingual capabilities as well.

Step into the world of mobile recruitment

Surveys indicate that candidates give preference to the mobile devices for accessing the Internet for job search. Since these handheld devices are convenient and available round-the-clock, the task becomes pretty easy. They give the ultimate liberty of accessing the recruitment portal from anywhere and anytime.

When the candidates go mobile, how can you be a laggard in adapting the new-age methods? Start using a recruitment software which is mobile-friendly. Believe it; the mobile version will become more popular than the conventional version. Mobile versions can be used successfully to post the new openings and share them on the social media.


Leverage the social media

In today’s scenario, you can’t ignore the social media. Rather, look at it as the new opportunity of searching the best available resources in the competitive market. As the new-age platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn already become prominent amongst the people who are net-savvy, you don’t need to put extra efforts to leverage it for talent search. These websites are the best source of information to the prospective resources.

You get special analytic module and tools that help in the recruitment process. The tools improve the way you search good candidates. When competitors have started using it, you need to hurry up to catch them fast!

If you need the talent that is really worth, then seek the passive candidates!

Yes, recruitment masters vouch for it. You get to know about active job seekers when you search for resources. However, there is a large chunk of passive candidates who are open to new offers but not actively seeking the job. According to experts, the social media platform is the right place to do it. Today, even the leading recruitment firms are also giving emphasis to the passive candidates. It is the right time to take advantage of this channel.

Talent analytics is the new-age trend

See, people want to get rid of the conventional recruitment methods that are based on personal judgment and intuition. They want to be more systematic and methodical. No wonder, the use of talent analytics increases year after year. HR managers want to get the ability of processing data into information that brings a great intelligence of recruiting. Nowadays, recruiting leaders want to know about the new and improved ways of getting their arms around data so that they can develop the insight about resources of tomorrow. When the world is changing fast, you should maintain the pace to remain in the race.

Integrate HR Technologies

If you ask recruitment specialists about the aspect that every HR manager should be proficient into, then the unanimous answer is the integration of HR Technologies. Cross-platform expansion and consolidation of technology are the buzzwords. As clients prefer a single platform for human resource management, tracking of applications, and interviewing the candidate; a bundled solution is always preferred. Since there is a demand for integrated HR solution, vendors are working on the job of converting their existing products accordingly. Even the traditional talent management software modules are also enhancing and expanding to accommodate the demand for an integrated solution.


Amongst the responsibilities of the HR team, recruitment and selection are at the top. As the market becomes more dynamic and competition becomes fierce, you need the best talent to cope up with it. Leave aside the conventional methods and start using modern tools and procedures to attract the best talent. The strategies mentioned earlier in the article will make the journey smooth and fruitful.