Life at UHR: The Positive Environment

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Workplaces all over the world are trying to make their employees “comfortable” while on their jobs. With the millennial population entering job market, the attempts to appeal the young generation are increasing even more, with various perks and incentives offered.

At United HR, thinking about our employees is not a recent practice. We asked them all what they have to say about working at UHR. Our employees, young and old alike have expressed their admiration for the work environment we offer.

A common complaint many people have regarding their workplace is the “corporate slavery” they are subjected to.

Our employees have a different story to tell. “It is like a second home” tells one employee.

“There is a really friendly atmosphere”, says another. “The office atmosphere is really good”, we find the reflection in the words of yet another employee.

“UHR is a family member” says another. Echoes to the previous statement are found in the opinions of most employees. “United is like family”, says one employee. “It is a good environment to work.”

“There is freedom and a homely environment” says one employee when asked about the positives about life at United HR.

Talking about the positives, “positivity” itself is something that is again listed as a great quality of the work environment we offer.

Many workplaces are notorious for treating freshers almost like second class citizens.

One employee mentions how she started as a one, and how it felt “overwhelming” at first. But  she goes on to say how she later came to learn a lot while on the job. She terms life at UHR as “amazing.”

It is necessary that the young and the more experienced employees share a good rapport, and that there is a certain exchange in terms of learning.

“The team members are supportive and the seniors have helped in enhancing my skills” says an employee while talking about the interpersonal interactions at UHR.

Another employee lauds the “motivational colleagues” they get to work with.

An articulate employee sums up how the vibes and the interactions at United HR are:

“There is a certain team spirit and working with a group of young, enthusiastic people is fun. There is transparency in the environment, knowledge sharing takes place. Moreover, there is a great team of Team Leaders who have been with UHR for so long. It’s a great support. There are ample opportunities to grow if you wish and try.”

Interactions where people don’t hesitate to speak up, where there is a healthy exchange of ideas, where there is scope for knowledge-enhancing conversations and where your colleagues feel like your family, and the office a second home- these are some of the factors that contribute to the positive vibes at United HR.