Tips For Attending Video Interview

Gone are the days when you were required to go to the workplace for an interview. Yes, advancement in technology brings the flexibility of giving the interview at a place that is convenient to you. It could be home, cyber café, or a restaurant.

The first change was a telephonic interview, and with the rise of video conference services, there is a revolutionary change. Today, an in-person interview is scheduled by the HR and candidates to appear online.

Telephonic and video interviews are quite similar, and in most of the cases, interviewers can judge the person as effectively as they can do an in-person meeting. Hence, it is a cost-effective and efficient way of selecting suitable candidates and weeding out unfit people.

However, for many people, it is a big challenge to appear in a telephonic or video interview. They miss the in-person charisma.

Do you fall in the same category? Experts say that it is not a big deal. One can attend perfection in it by overcoming potential pitfalls. Here are some workable, simple tips to overcome the anxiety.


Here are some tips that can make you successful in the interview.

Make yourself comfortable with the equipment first

You can’t remain aloof with the equipment and technology in the modern era. When you are completely dependent on it during the interview, the first thing you should learn is how the system works?

Arranging the things well in advance and testing the functionality before the interview are good moves. Keep technical assistance ready if you are not a ‘techie’ person.

Don’t forget the Murphy Law! Always have a backup plan if something disastrous happens. An extra webcam, microphone and computer system should be kept handy if the interview is really crucial for you.

Audio and video calls take some time to set up. Therefore, you should be ready at least 15 minutes prior to the interview.

If at all you can’t continue the interview, inform the HR person about it and see if they can reschedule or reinitiate the call.

Beware of the timing

You need to be as prompt and alert in the telephonic interview as you are in the personal interaction. When the interviewer asks a question, you should not take excessive time in responding. It creates a suspicion in the mind of the interviewer. Therefore, you should be alert and conscious.

Beware of the surroundings

Would you hire a candidate who appears in the video interview in a shabby room with low lighting? Or there are pets roaming around in the background or kids screaming near the microphone?

You would not even like to continue the interview. Hence, wear the shoes of the recruiting manager and fix the background before you connect.

It is always better to have it in a separate room. Make it clean, neat and attractive. There should not be anything that is visually distracting. Keep the phone ringers off in the surrounding area.

Don’t arrange it in a restaurant or coffee shop just because the background is attractive. The place comes out to be too noisy and irritating.

Mind the aesthetics

Illumination and background color matter a lot. Don’t use a room that is too shiny or dull. Avoid casting shadows on the face. The source of light should be placed at an angle that doesn’t cause a glare on the face.

Wear a dress that suits the occasion. It is not an exaggeration, but interviewers have seen candidates appearing in nightgowns or robes.  Do not wear casuals (round neck T-shirt and half pants) in any case.

Put a little bit makeup so that you don’t look oily.

See, the approach has to be formal always eve if the interview is not in person. It is always good to appear professional. Shave when you get ready and get dressed in business clothes.

You should hear each and every line carefully. Avoid repeating your statements. It gives a wrong impression.

Have a mock drill

‘Practice makes a person perfect’; the cliché holds good for telephonic or video interview as well. Rather, it is furthermore important to practice for it as there are several technical aspects also.

Some people feel awkward in front of the camera. They should do a rehearsal before the actual interview. You can practice with a friend, record the session and watch the same later. You get a fair idea about it.

In a telephonic interview, you should convey the cheerfulness and enthusiasm in your voice. Smile while you speak and see the amazing impact.

Speak clearly and softly. Keep the tone medium and beware of the modulations. Let your professionalism get reflected from your voice.

If you practice for the interview well, then it is guaranteed that you will get success. By practicing for the interview, you can get a good grip over the subject.

Don’t ever cheat

Whether it is an audio call or video call, do not use unfair means while you appear in the interview. Don’t read from a prepared script. Don’t seek help from a specialist or friend.

Unfair practices can be judged by HR experts easily. It shatters your image and creates a negative feeling about you. Even if you are the best-fit candidate from other aspects, you will not be considered for the vacancy.

Video and audio interviews are becoming increasingly common nowadays. Statistics says that six out of ten people get selected through this channel. Hence, it is furthermore important to get mastered in it. By taking a few precautions, you can achieve grand success.


In brief, there are six important tips that make your telephonic or video interview successful.

  • Keep the backup plan ready.
  • Practice by taking a dummy video interview with a friend.
  • Prepare well before the session begins.
  • Look professional, behave in a professional manner and talk professionally.
  • Dress in the proper manner.
  • Look at the camera and not at your screen.
  • Pay attention to the interviewer and do not repeat statements.
  • Make the surroundings suitable for the interview.

All The Best!