Be Prepared For A TRICKY Interview

When you attend the interview, the situation is quite tricky. Undoubtedly, you are at the receiving end because you are looking for a job. However, the employer is also not in a very good condition. He is also looking for a good resource that the company can rely upon.

Once the interviewer finds you amongst the top talents suitable for the post, he or she doesn’t want to lose the opportunity of hiring. If the attempt goes unsuccessful, then the company will have to undergo the whole process once more.

With the surge in hiring becomes a challenge, on boarding process becomes difficult day by day. Business owners and HR managers are forced to offer more than monetary compensation when they want to acquire top talent.

Here is the point when HR experts are sitting in the panel come into action. They use their expertise and put so many compelling reasons on the table that you get impressed with it.

Why do HR managers try to impress you when they find you suitable?

There are two things. First is, they find you the most suitable person for the vacancy. Hence, they want to take you onboard anyhow. Secondly, they know that for the top-talent like you, they are supposed to ‘sell’ the vacancy.  When you want to sell something, obviously you should underline the product qualities.

Since here the product is the company itself, HR manager and others try to convince you about why you should consider the job offer and organization.

Moreover, top talents are already well-paid in their current job. Hence, remuneration is not the most attracting factor for them. Hence, HR managers need to use their selling skills in convincing that the new company has several superior aspects.

Here are some compelling reasons that HR managers give

  • Our company has revolutionized the market by offering XYZ service or product. Not only it is unique, but it is far more superior to others as well.
  • Our company exists for XYZ years. It is valued by customers and employees a lot. In fact, it is the best employer in the niche.
  • Our culture is the best in the class. We are flexible and give utmost preference to work-life balance. We believe in environmental and social accountability. We have educational reimbursement program. We spend heftily on training and development of our team.
  • Additional facilities are the best in our company. We provide gymnasium, entertainment, sports facilities, club membership, subsidized (or free) lunch, etc.
  • We offer onsite daycare (it is a quite attractive reason for women).
  • When you join our company, we offer fixed and variable income. Sometimes, the variable income goes higher than the fixed salary.
  • Our company has won a new contract (or acquired another company), or it has been recognized as ‘the most promising company’.
  • We offer a lucrative career path. Our succession planning is incomparable.
  • We value your opinion or voice. We encourage openness. We have 360 Degrees valuation process and continuous appraisals.
  • We have matrix organization where the reporting structure is flexible.

Reputation of the company becomes an issue sometimes

When you are a top talent, you don’t accept the interview call if the company doesn’t withstand your expectations. You heard about the organization culture a lot and you know how badly they treated their employees during the last recession.

However, you decide to go for the interview because there is a massive follow-up by the recruitment agency. Do you think the HR manager is not aware of all these aspects?  Of course, he knows everything. It is the reason he tries to draw a rosy picture during the interview.

Information travels faster than the speed of light in the modern world of social media. Smart people read reviews and opinions about the company before going for the interview. Hence, it becomes inevitable for the HR managers to defend the same.

What should you do?

Gentle prodding is the normal thing that HR manager should do while pursuing you to join the organization. However, it should not get converted into pressurizing you. Remember, there is a delicate line between the two.

If you feel that they are pointing out the good things about the company and highlighting the benefits of accepting the opportunity, then you should listen to your inner conscious about joining or not joining.

When you feel that you are being pushed hard and you are still on the fence, do not get pressurized. If you need some more time to think about it, then tell it explicitly.

Of course, you have come for the interview because you are interested in the job profile. However, let you decide about it and not the HR manager who is sitting on the other side of the table!