Lives of Happy Candidates: Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain

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Success is not just about glitz and glamour. Success is also about being level-headed and calm. It is talking about your success with a keen sense of awareness about your environment.

The thing with the perception of many Asian and African countries is it lies in two extremes. Sometimes, only the negative stereotypical things are highlighted, and sometimes, like many travel shows, a very exotic, but nevertheless stereotypical side gets portrayed. It is important that a balanced, real experience gets reported.

Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain, who works at African Industries Limited in Nigeria has some wise and happy words to say about the place.

“First and foremost I would like to highlight the kind of phobia we had before arriving at Nigeria. In reality, I can say it’s all our imagination and perception.

“There is no need to fear for anything life threatening here. Of course it’s always advisable to go along with your friends or colleagues. I can say the way foreigners live their lives in India, we can expect to live in a similar way. The city is quite good and developed, with advanced infrastructure.

“You will find people from various nations. There are people mostly from China, India, Philippines, UK. I can say night life also very amazing. ”
He shared a picture of a temple in Nigeria with us. Indeed, it is a multicultural place.

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He goes on to talk about his experience at a professional level.

“It’s a very renowned company in Nigeria with diversified business in different sectors. Some of the employees have served here for more than ten to twenty years.”

A long tenure is a great indicator of reliability, and success of the company. And it is a great testimonial to the success of our candidate himself for working in such a company. He further talks about the experience.

“The management is concerned about the employees as well and the payments are made on time. The facilities provided here are according to the commitments they make at the time of selection. ”

With this straightforward testimonial, Mr. Swain gives a very realistic and balanced view about his overall experience in Nigeria. We give kudos to him for taking the leap of faith.

The photos he sent us are great visual testimonials to the balance, diversity of the place, and Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain’s success and happiness.

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Lives Of Happy Candidates: Mr. Nagaraja K R

A good environment is a prerequisite to personal and professional growth. Be it the workplace, the city/town one lives in, or the kind of work one does, it is necessary that they all contribute to the well-being and success of the individual. We make sure that our candidates get such an experience that helps them look beyond the preconceived prejudices and biases about places and people.


We, at United HR Solutions make sure that our candidates get the best opportunities possible, which help them realise their potentials, and which help them strike a perfect balance of personal and professional life. Success, after all, should be wholesome.


Unfortunately, Africa as a continent has a very peculiar image in the minds of many. The things mentioned above like well-being, safety, growth are not the things generally associated with the place because of half-baked information one might have come across, hearsay, reliance on limited sources or simply because of an unwillingness to look beyond certain stereotypes. Success on a corporate level is an even more unthinkable possibility for many.

We have a different story to tell.

Our successful and happy candidate, Mr. Nagaraja  K R has a different story to tell (and  show).

He tells us about his experience in Tanga, a port-city in Tanzania where he works at Neelkanth Lime Ltd. :

“Under guidance of our Managing Director, All department HOD with all teams we are able to contribute for business success and bringing investor’s vision into final business results successfully. There is 100% focus on KRA, feasibility, cost benefits, optimum resource utility, converting time to money, trying to bring positive results every day, reduce wastages, converting unutilized resource to money. The management is very supportive, and their drive for result-oriented activities, culture and values  has helped in achievement of KRA/KPI/goals. Here I got more duties & responsibility, new assignments, challenging tasks, more business insights,all of which has helped me to grow from all professional angles. This working environment helps individual capability improvement & gives opportunity to bring skillset into real time practice. ”

As can be seen, the roles and responsibilities offered in Africa as a continent in general are far less rigid, and provide an opportunity for a truly professionally wholesome development. Mr. Nagaraja  started as an Executive Assistant with the company. He is now a General Manager.


He further tells us about the place:

“Tanga is good place to work. Small town, peaceful. People are good in general, the city is clean. Security is good. Irrespective of time you can go outside. There is a good theatre here and all new Hindi films release along with their Indian releases. Some good hotels are available here. Indian food is also available here,be it North Indian or South Indian.

“Fruits like Cassava, Mangoes, Pineapple, Ramphal and are very cheap. Cost of living is less compared to other towns in Africa / Tanzanian city. Weather is good most of the year, and pollution is very less. The vegetation is good. There is connectivity to Dar es Salam via roadway, airway and seaway. The traffic is minimal and it takes maximum 30 minutes to commute anywhere in Tanga. ”


He shared these wonderful photographs of the place.



The  quaint  Tanga  airport. Look  at  the  clear  blue  sky!



Tanga  roundabout.




The  picturesque  Tanga Bay [Bandari Port]


P.S : We thank Mr. Nagaraja K R for sharing his experiences with us. We also thank the city of Tanga for welcoming him with open arms.