Lives of Happy Candidates: Mr. Gopal Singh Bisht

Success story_Gopal Bisht

The meaning of “success” is somewhat elusive. It means differently to different people.

For some, it is all about fame and fortune. For others, it includes finding enough time to follow one’s passion, and sometimes, exclusively just that. In yet another sense, success means achieving a certain peace of mind. A common perception of the term has to do with achieving a perfect work-life balance.

Generally health, wealth and an increased learning are safe indicators of “success.”

Many believe in letting success do the talking.

We believe in our successful candidates do the talking!

Settling, being comfortable in a new place is no mean feat. Mr. Gopal Singh Bisht, who works at Parco Group of Industries in Nigeria has some happy words to say.

” I am grateful to you for connecting me with Parco Group. I am well-settled here and doing well. ”

Mr. Gopal Singh Bisht
Mr. Gopal Singh Bisht


He continues, “So far I am enjoying my work with African Foundaries Limited. I have also gained more experience, which I am sure would help me in my career in near future.”

He also tells us how he finds time to have fun.

“Apart from working, there is time for pleasure here as well. We go to different parts of the country for refreshment: shopping, to the beach, etc.”

Times at the beach
Times at the beach


As one can see, Nigeria has a lot more to offer than the negative stereotypes we come across through hearsay and exaggerations.

Learning, and becoming a better professional requires adapting to the new place. We give kudos to Mr. Bisht for actively doing so. But more importantly, any new endeavor should not only be conducive to professional success but also to general well-being and health. And our happy candidate proves this with his testimonial.

“Working in this company, I have learned to accommodate according to the rules laid down by the management. I must confess this is the best company I have worked with. The environment is conducive. The offices are good. The place has affected my health in a positive manner.”

Good health, professional growth, work-life balance, hope for the future, gratitude are some great indicators of success and Mr. Bisht has articulated that.

Lives of Happy Candidates: Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain

Success story_Rashmi Ranjan - Copy

Success is not just about glitz and glamour. Success is also about being level-headed and calm. It is talking about your success with a keen sense of awareness about your environment.

The thing with the perception of many Asian and African countries is it lies in two extremes. Sometimes, only the negative stereotypical things are highlighted, and sometimes, like many travel shows, a very exotic, but nevertheless stereotypical side gets portrayed. It is important that a balanced, real experience gets reported.

Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain, who works at African Industries Limited in Nigeria has some wise and happy words to say about the place.

“First and foremost I would like to highlight the kind of phobia we had before arriving at Nigeria. In reality, I can say it’s all our imagination and perception.

“There is no need to fear for anything life threatening here. Of course it’s always advisable to go along with your friends or colleagues. I can say the way foreigners live their lives in India, we can expect to live in a similar way. The city is quite good and developed, with advanced infrastructure.

“You will find people from various nations. There are people mostly from China, India, Philippines, UK. I can say night life also very amazing. ”
He shared a picture of a temple in Nigeria with us. Indeed, it is a multicultural place.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 12.01.09 PM

He goes on to talk about his experience at a professional level.

“It’s a very renowned company in Nigeria with diversified business in different sectors. Some of the employees have served here for more than ten to twenty years.”

A long tenure is a great indicator of reliability, and success of the company. And it is a great testimonial to the success of our candidate himself for working in such a company. He further talks about the experience.

“The management is concerned about the employees as well and the payments are made on time. The facilities provided here are according to the commitments they make at the time of selection. ”

With this straightforward testimonial, Mr. Swain gives a very realistic and balanced view about his overall experience in Nigeria. We give kudos to him for taking the leap of faith.

The photos he sent us are great visual testimonials to the balance, diversity of the place, and Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain’s success and happiness.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 11.39.35 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 11.40.37 AM

Success Story: Shifting Times, Mottoes To Live By

Life could be like a rollercoaster ride. It is full of ascents and descents,with a great deal of unpredictability. Careers could be like a car-ride. They change lanes. We shift gears. Breaks and stops may come abruptly, only for the engine to reignite with a greater fervour. We drive our careers in the direction we feel is the best for us. That “drive” is an important requirement to move onward and upwards in life.

Our former employee Mrs. Hetal Tripathi’s  journey is a remarkable one in many respects. Not only is her drive, but her dedication also is commendable.

“God helps those who help themselves” is a phrase which could be applied to Mrs. Tripathi’s trajectory. Her eagerness to learn new things, improve at what she already knew and the amount of hard work she put in to hone her various skills is something that propelled her to success.

“It is a different industry, but accurate process is very important”, she tells us about her work ethic. She is currently the Assistant Manager in training at Tim Hortons, in Canada. The shift from recruitment to hospitality couldn’t have been easy, that too after working in the former sector for around seven years.

She was asked at her interview what did she consider as the best quality of a leader. “Unity…we  care  together, we  grow  together”  was her answer. She got 95% for that answer. Mottoes can give so much meaning to one’s life if one wants to.

The manager at that company once asked her, “You are a person who  never skips process…how?” She said, “I learned that from my earlier organisation.” She imbibed the value we at United HR Solutions encourage. Experience is, after all, important. Good work ethics are contagious.

She recently became Employee of the Month.

Countries change, jobs change, employers change. What you learned, how you learned, from whom you learned, all of that stays.

We are proud to say Mrs. Hetal Tripathi worked with us at one point, and that our organisation (and our motto) could contribute to her future. She says  “I want my other United friends understand the value of our organisation. Proud to be a part of United.”

We are proud to be part of your journey too.

Here are some photos she shared with us.

The Badge of Success
The Badge of Success
Hetal Tripathi, Assistant Manager in Training
Hetal Tripathi, Assistant Manager in Training