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Things to Keep in Mind Before Deciding to Change Careers

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  Change is not always easy, especially when it comes to changing careers. There are questions asked. There is a sense of having had enough of the present career, and at the same time there is a lingering self-doubt. Whether it’s you yourself contemplating over these questions, or someone else questioning your decision, it is … Continue reading

The ‘Fun’ Twist: Tackling Some ‘Interesting’ Questions

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  In many of our previous posts, we have talked about answering those commonly asked questions well. Questions like “can you walk me through your CV?”, “can you tell me about yourself?”, among others. Answering these generic, formal questions is relatively easy because these are the questions we expect. But what if we are suddenly … Continue reading

Bringing Happiness to Workplace

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Happiness and work should be two terms which go well together, but as we all know, the contemporary trends in work culture often leave them on two different poles. Dr. Yogesh Pahuja’s efforts to bridge this gap between happiness and work is what has brought him recognition. In the recently held World HRD Conference in … Continue reading

Giving Back to the Community, One Smile At A Time…

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What better way to celebrate your birthday than by putting smiles on the faces of little angels? CEO Dr. O.P Pahuja had one such birthday this year. A happy coincidence saw the birthday and an important event fall on the same day. What was the important event? Reading Aloud Day, organised by Kadam Education Initiative … Continue reading

Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Harmony?

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    Everyone talks about maintaining a work-life balance. But is it really a balance that we want? Is “balance” the right word? Think about it. Balancing means equalising. It implies trading off one thing for another. When we balance, we compensate. We let go of something in favour of something else, and vice versa. … Continue reading

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