Degrees Of Knowledge

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    There was a time when a degree was the most important thing in the world. The image was common: a newly graduated student, dressed up in freshly-ironed formals, sitting in a line of similar-looking youngsters outside the cabin of the boss, as the receptionist called them out, telling them it was their turn … Continue reading

Lives Of Happy Candidates: Mr. Nagaraja K R

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A good environment is a prerequisite to personal and professional growth. Be it the workplace, the city/town one lives in, or the kind of work one does, it is necessary that they all contribute to the well-being and success of the individual. We make sure that our candidates get such an experience that helps them … Continue reading

Do You Need A Resume Or A CV?

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  You are done with your education, and you now feel ready to take on the  world of work. Or you are just planning to get back to working after that much needed  sabbatical. Your little one now goes to school and you finally feel you have enough time to rejoin the office after years. … Continue reading

How to Find a Balance Between AI and Humans in Recruitment

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Unsurprisingly, this idea has seemingly become the lynchpin of the sales pitch for more than a few HR technology companies, a never-ending stream of dialogue surrounding the benefits of “removing the human element” from recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training. The list goes on and on. With this emerging trend that seems to be resonating … Continue reading

Recruiting The Right FIT- A Serious Challenge

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An organization or institution functioning, majorly depends on the workforce it appoints. The employees are an integral part of the organization and in a way represent or are the BRAND AMBASSADOR’s of the organization. Employees are needed not only to boost up the productivity of the firm but also to maintain the standard and quality … Continue reading

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