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Fostering Creativity at Workplace

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Quick! Think about a place where creativity would be encouraged and nurtured. Did you envision an art studio, a theatre, or maybe a child’s playroom? All those places come to mind pretty easily, but I’m willing to bet there’s one place that didn’t, and that’s the workplace. This little excerpt from an article by … Continue reading

Stories, Setbacks and Success: All About Writing a Compelling Career Narrative

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‘Stories’ dominate the way we tell others about ourselves. We select the important events of our day when someone asks us how our day was. We have a story about our career trajectory, past and future, planned in our heads, so when an interviewer asks us our plan for the next five years, we have … Continue reading

Antifragility: Growing Through What You Go Through

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We have all seen those boxes with signs saying that something ‘fragile’ is being carried, and hence to ‘handle with care.’ We have heard about being resilient and being unaffected by change. Now, have we heard of antifragile? Consider fragility, antifragility and robustness as a spectrum. So first, let us see fragility. We are generally … Continue reading

A Look into Gamification At Work

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The word ‘games’ brings to mind indoor board-games, outdoor sports, popular video-games and games we play on our smartphones. We think of competitiveness, leader-boards, high-scores and level ups. How does the thought of ‘gamifying’ work and workplaces sound like? Let us delve a bit into what ‘gamification’ is and how it could turn out in … Continue reading

Personal Power V/S Positional Power

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As the popular idiom goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and it is assumed that power comes with experience, wisdom, trust from people around us and in the context of the workplace, the position. But powers can be of various kinds of; a manager, or executive or any upper-level management can be said to … Continue reading

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