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Lessons in Prioritising and Persistence

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Seemingly obvious prioritising choices can take a backseat as our quest for something to ‘show’ takes the priority. Read on.

A Guide to Switching Careers Midway

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Changing careers once you are not a fresher anymore can be challenging. However, it’s also something that is quite doable. As the world changes around us, it is possible that we may reach a realisation that we want to try a different adventure now. Or we may find our true calling much later in our … Continue reading

A Little Stress can make you More Productive

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Most of the times we are told about stress and its downfalls. By now we know the kind of risks and diseases that a chronically stressed lifestyle can lead to, thanks to the tons of coverage about how stress is bad. But what if stress could be used in a good way? What if we … Continue reading

Don’t give up just yet!

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If you grew up in a world that didn’t have computers and much modern technology all the time, you probably found many different ways to pass time. One of those would be solving a Rubik’s cube. Solving a Rubik’s Cube can be frustrating, before it gets rewarding. It can test your patience before it can … Continue reading

Is passion the only right reason that should drive you to work?

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We all must have heard, and used phrases such as:‘I love what I do.’‘I love my job.’‘My work is like worship to me.’‘I am passionate about this field.’Or maybe we are looking for something that enables us to use these phrases.In any case, being passionate about one’s job, loving what one does is considered the … Continue reading

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