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What is Job Crafting?

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Job crafting helps one find little ways to make their job more interesting.

Quiet-Quitting vs Quiet Thriving

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What if we decided to make a minor tweak in our thinking that enables us to see more value in our present job, rather than doing the bare minimum? That is Quiet Thriving. Read on.

Do you have the ladder thinking or rock-climbing thinking?

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Rock-climbing could be a more realistic and accurate metaphor for handling careers, than climbing ladders.

Better Together: Growth for the Companies is tied to Career-Growth of its Employees

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Thinking about career growth is one of the favourite pass-times, it seems. We have thought about it in the middle of a meeting, or when we were having a quiet moment in the office, or maybe when we were on a holiday, all happy and relaxed. Suddenly, muscles go tense, and the mind goes racing. … Continue reading

What’s your favourite Indian Dessert?

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Whether we are talking about interviews or networking events or conferences and seminars, the underlying tips can sometimes be just too technical and generic. Let us face it- have we not read something and thought- ‘ugh, again with the jargon…’ ? Take for example tips about ‘being yourself’ at work. These tips obviously come with … Continue reading

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