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When it is Okay to be Negative

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A positive attitude, as we have talked about in our earlier posts almost always gets one through. It is important to always find the silver lining on stormy clouds. But is there such a thing as excessive positivity? Can an excess of positivity make one unproductive? Is it possible to overdo the positive attitude and … Continue reading

Getting Through 2021 “Quote-fully”

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2021 continued to be the rollercoaster year that demanded adaptability, flexibility and an anti-fragile mindset. Hybridity became the buzzword, a reality we continue to live through in various capacities. The quality of resilience, along with the mindset of balancing between letting things be and taking up charge got most of us through this year of … Continue reading

Transition to a New Role with Meaningfulness and Intentionality

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You have recently had a promotion, and your role within the company has changed, perhaps something along the lines of what we discussed in one of our earlier articles. Or maybe, you have switched companies and with the promotion comes the need to undergo a transition of roles among other such changes. In either case, … Continue reading

The Magic of a Positive Attitude

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In the past few months, the value of having and developing skills and expertise has been proven. There was a limited scope for providing training. With the need to go virtual, there was also a limited scope for conducting interviews as thorough as old school, offline interviews offered. The skills, the resume spoke for themselves. … Continue reading

The Role of Laughter in the Office

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Gatherings of friends and family are punctuated by bouts of laughter and good-natured humour. The sounds of everyone having a hearty laugh light up dull days and gloomy evenings. But when it comes to laughter in the office, people tend to be a little prudish. We have written about the do’s and don’ts about humour … Continue reading

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