The Independence Within

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The Independence Day of our country is right around the corner! Time and again we are reminded of the sacrifices our freedom fighters have made and how indebted we are to them, when we take a look around and see where we stand as a country after all these years. Have we looked within and … Continue reading

New Kind of Interview Questions in the New Normal

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As more and more hiring avenues open up amidst the new normal, we find a change in mechanisms related to interviewing, onboarding and company culture. We have talked about onboarding, or more precisely about onboarding yourself in an earlier article. We have also talked about skills in demand for remote-workers. And now, we shall take … Continue reading

Answering About your Typical Workday

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There are interview questions wherein the purpose of asking is quite clear. Questions like: ‘Why should we hire you?’ ‘Could you walk me through your CV?’ It is quite obvious why they are asked. But even these seemingly direct questions have a key to answer, which have charted out in our older articles. There are … Continue reading

Explaining the Pandemic Gap in Your Resume

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In our earlier articles, we have charted out ways of hunting for a job during the pandemic, or onboarding yourself when you have been hired and there are limitations with the said process. Realistically speaking, many of us also had to leave our jobs. Many of us might still be on a look out! Worries … Continue reading

Experts Talk: All about Working in Africa

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When it comes to working abroad and working in a different culture, there are a whole lot of misconceptions and myths that we carry. On a Mentza discussion on Global Careers hosted by AK Achyut Menon, our recruitment expert from UHR, Nisha Kapoor along with a fellow expert from Africa Tinashe Hove talked about the … Continue reading

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